TV+ Is Confusing as Hell

Recently, my mother moved in with us because she has needs that require her to be attended. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to make her comfortable in the home. Part of that comfort entails setting up a TV for her to watch her shows. We’re an all-streaming home now, as I finally pulled the plug on DirecTV about a month ago. My mother is a die-hard DirecTV fan because she’s used to it.

Now, I have to ask her to get used to the way we watch shows in this house and it’s been painful.

Cut the Cord

I have a number of technical options available for my setup. I’d like some advice on the best approach to achieve OTA HDR 4k TV… primarily for local channels. I just canceled my DirecTV because I couldn’t justify $100 a month. I didn’t use it enough. But I need your advice.

The FilmOps Precedent

The Starbucks cup.

If you’re paying attention to the Internet in any form or fashion, you know what Starbucks cup I’m referring to. It’s that Starbucks cup that snuck into a Game Of Thrones episode (S8, E4). There’s no need to rehash what really happened. That was just a silly mistake.

What’s interesting to me is how the industry responded. HBO actually removed the Starbucks cup within a day or two - and replaced the file on its streaming service with a corrected version of the episode. It didn’t take long for HBO to acknowledge the mistake and then repair it… “doing it live,” so to speak.

…and I think this sets an interesting precedent. I’ll call it DevOps for Film - or more specifically, FilmOps.