Stupid People

Communism on MacBreak Weekly

This morning on the way in to work, I was listening to the MacBreak Weekly episode 283 entitled, “Author, Author.” I had always suspected Leo Laporte was smoking crack. Now there is no doubt. I don’t know if I can ever listen to him again. Maybe if I take a little break I will be able to circle back around to it. In other news, I declared podcast bankruptcy and erased about 7gb of podcasts I will not have time to consume.


I’m okie with the idea of sequels if the story arc is longer than a single story (a la Harry Potter) from the very beginning. But why does the movie industry insist on cramming more sequels down our throats when they could move on to other stories? This is a trend that should end. One can only wish, right?

Yammer’s Bad Form

Have you heard of Yammer? If not, you will. You will likely hear about Yammer after your corporation or business signs a deal with them. Your users will start to flock toward the service and sign up. Lo and behold you will discover that they will be offered a piece of software to install. During the software install they will have the option to invite other users in your organization.

AOL Teeters on Doom

I ran across this article this morning. It shouldn’t surprise anyone… well, with the exception of the people that are getting scammed. My favorite part of the article is the comments. Someone claims in the article that AOL invented email and uses that to defend paying them a monthly fee. Hilarious.

Dope-smoking hippy parents put everyone at risk for disease

It seems some parentsout there are coming out against immunizationfor their children. MSNBC has the story. This is just fracking brilliant. Now you’re going to let your child be put as risk for these killer diseases and expose the live bacteria to my children just because you’re some stupid-ass hippy parentwho wants to be all New Ageand shit? Get a brain. Why do you think we almost eradicated these diseases? When was the last time you knew any children that died from these diseases?

Flash: America too Immature to Deal with a Black President

Today I ran across this post on CNN: McLaughlin takes heat for ‘Oreo’ comment Add this to the mounting evidence that even America’s own blacks can’t entirely stand the thought of Obama leading this nation; even they get racial (see the Rev. Jesse James’ off-the-cuff remarks when he thought he was muted). It seems like ever since Mrs. Clinton dropped out of the presidential bid, the racial claws have come out from every corner.

Remove link grants license to send spam

While perusing through my Junk E-Mail folder this morning, I noticed an interesting-looking spammy item that invited me to an extras casting call. Well, that wasn’t the interesting part. The really interesting part was that there was a privacy policy and license attached to the email. The policy/license stated that by clicking the remove email link, I was granting the spammer to send me more spam. At least they’re honest.

Real Life Slapstick

So there’s the situation that developed last night that I just have to laugh about. It’s one of those things I usually think happens to just me… some real life slapstick. The setup was perfect, the execution was perfect, the timing was perfect – it really was something out of The Money Pit. So my son declares it’s time for him to pee pee. All the signs are there – he’s dancing the dance and gripping the appropriate place.

Hindsight that is never forgotten

I love the ‘net. Only on the net can you say things and expect them to haunt you months, or even years later. Hell, I may be eating crow in a matter of minutes for calling Mary Jo Foley an idiot for claiming Apple licensed Exchange ActiveSync – and I’ll be proud to do it. Somehow though, I get the feeling that Steve Ballmer will not be so proud of this 2:20 clip when Friday rolls around.

Back from the desert

I’ve gotten through the long, arduous trip from LAX to my home town. This day has been pretty much a flash before my eyes – not entirely sure I remember much of it, but here’s what I do remember about the trip: I got to climb around inside a B52 bomber. What a sardine can! I got to see SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy) – which is basically a 747 with the aft end cut out so it can open up at 45,000 feet and view the heavens with an infared telescope.