Just a Thought

It seems to me…

If you’re a responsible gun owner, wouldn’t you be ok with justifying that you’re a responsible gun owner?

I think it would be just fine with me to go through a few hoops to demonstrate that I can be responsible. We require people to demonstrate they are responsible enough to drive a car - why can’t we do the same thing with firearms?

Time for new adventures

Today is the last day of the job that has preoccupied me for about 2.5 years. … … …I start a new one on Monday after a three day weekend. That’s really all I have to say about that.


I’ve had a challenging few weeks. It started off with a typical sinus infection… or allergies, I’m not sure which exactly. All I know is that I had a sore throat, stuffy nose and semi-regular headaches. I managed it with cold medicine and nose spray the best I could. I continued my normal workout regimen because usually, working out actually helps with congestion. This wasn’t the case this time around.

Gorgeous fall colors

The fall season has come on strong this year. Yesterday while wandering around my old neighborhood I noticed the squirrels were a bit frenetic. They were racing around gathering food for the winter as quickly as possible. This morning the fog and fall colors are settling in at my new neighborhood.

A Single Kick

This past weekend I had the honor of participating in the Alabama State Games‘ Taekwondo competition. This is the third year for my son to participate in this particular tournament. It was my second. I started TKD in November of 2011 and have advanced at a moderate pace to a blue belt with a red stripe. Originally, I started TKD as part of my effort to lose 120 lbs. and get my health back.

2013 Goals

Here’s a few of my 2013 resolutions… er, goals, I mean. Write more. Laugh more. Lose 45 more lbs. (and then I’m done) and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Earn a blue belt. Share more. Get back into photography and art. See more shows. Live more. Write an iOS app. Complete a book/story and publish it. Learn more, especially around code. Not too bad for goals, no? What are yours?

Communism on MacBreak Weekly

This morning on the way in to work, I was listening to the MacBreak Weekly episode 283 entitled, “Author, Author.” I had always suspected Leo Laporte was smoking crack. Now there is no doubt. I don’t know if I can ever listen to him again. Maybe if I take a little break I will be able to circle back around to it. In other news, I declared podcast bankruptcy and erased about 7gb of podcasts I will not have time to consume.

An Update on Physical Health

It has been a long time since I took a few moments to update the notes on my physical health. A few years ago I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and put on a CPAP machine. The doctor thinks it’s because I am fat. That is probably true. The CPAP is meant to be a stopgap until I can get my weight problem under control. The CPAP has been a godsend to my quality of life.

Definitely Moving Too Fast

Tonight the Christmas tree was finally put back in the shed. While the wife and I were shifting the dining room table back into place, I muttered, “Another Christmas come and gone.” Quite a cheesy, cliche line if I do say so myself. Obviously I am becoming an old fart. It suddenly occurred to me that 2010 had flown past. I know I was getting all pensive about this earlier, but the other day I was looking over this blog and I noticed that I made ONE WHOLE POST in the entire year of 2010.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

It’s 2011. It’s probably time for some New Year’s Resolutions, so here’s the obligatory post. First, let me speak a bit about 2010. 2010 was an interesting year. I label it a year of transition because there was quite a bit of that. If 2010 had an overall theme, it was definitely “transition.” I transitioned in many areas: Professionally, in deciding that if I had my way about it, I’ll never work with Windows again.