Movie Reviews

Terminator Series Commits Suicide, McG to Blame

The new film Terminator Salvation is not just bad… it’s absurd, ridiculous, boneheaded and an absolute atrocity. The producers of this film should be vastly ashamed for not just killing the series (Terminator III already started the slow death, this one just deals the final blow), but for making me lose all interest in any Terminator film or storyline ever again. I had a hint that this film was in a sad state when it seemed that McG, the “visionary director” behind this enormous waste of time had forgotten that he showed the name of the film once in the opening credits.

Missed Opportunities in Star Trek

<dd class="wp-caption-dd zemanta-img-attribution" style="font-size: 0.8em;"> Image by <a href="">AFP/Getty Images</a> via <a href="">Daylife</a> </dd> </dl> FOREWARNING: SPOILERS. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN STAR TREK, STOP READING NOW. While I’ve been on a trip for the day job this week in downtown Dallas, TX, some of us found time to check out of the action and head over to catch Star Trek a second time. It’s purely logical that a few NASAgeeks want to check it out again, yes?

First Video Podcast Released Today

Today I had the honor of putting together the first “real” video podcastfor The DVD Marquee, a DVD/movie podcast site run by Jeffrey Rosado. Those of you who know me very well know that I’ve been dreaming of putting together a new mediacompany. Jeff, a longtime friend of mine, shares this dream. He had the notion to fire up a quick video podcast for the Oscarsthis year and, despite the extremely tight deadline, he managed to land equipment and a location.

Guest spot on The DVD Marquee

Just a heads up, in case you give a damn. I’ve occasionally been guesting on a podcast named “The DVD Marquee” with Jeff Rosado. Last night we hammered out a scheduled 30-minute-but-really-1.5-hour-broadcast on The Dark Knight. If inclined to listen to the discussion, you can catch it here. We talk pretty much at length about the production including the script’s themes, the acting and everything else relevant to a film.

Indiana Jones review

Three words: Consistent and fun. The historical “situation” he gets wrapped up in is pretty funny this time around. Good film, lots of fun. Don’t expect enlightenment, but expect fun.

A Podcast Debut

This morning I was informed that the podcast roundtable was posted. I participated in this roundtable last week. Our discussion went on for a good hour and twenty minutes or so, but Jeff managed to whittle it all down to 23 minutes. I’m not sure how he managed that, but I’m looking forward to hearing it. Just in case you’re curious, hit the podcast here. In case you’re wondering, it’s an Oscars roundup.

No Country for Old Men

So on my last night here in Virginia/D.C., I decided to have some solitude and enjoy the Coen Brothers’ latest flick, No Country for Old Men. I had very, very high expectations for this film. By and large they were fulfilled, except for the ending. I’m not sure I could go with the ending – it was disappointing. I suppose I need to study it a little to get it back.

Bad Edit

I’ve managed to catch up on quite a bit of to-do’s while the wife and son were out of town. Netflix is probably scratching their collective skulls at the amount of movies I’ve returned. I had three of them for over a year and suddenly I’ve not only returned three of them, but now I’m returning three more. What’s going on here? Surely he must be *gasp* copying the movies?

Catching up on movies

One of the things I’ve been able to do while the wife and son are away (see as to why they’re not here) is catch up on some movies that I’ve been meaning to see. My daughter warned me that Pan’s Labyrinth is one of her favorite new movies. I finally got to soak that one in tonight. By the end of it, my only thought was that Spain has managed to top China in sad movies.