Macworld 2008

Macworld Day 5

Right now, PDT: I am in a Q&A session with Alex Lindsay, Leo Laporte, Craig Syverson and Kenji Kato… in the front row! Here’s practically live proof…

Macworld Day 4 Wrapup

After lunch today, I decided there wasn’t much going on in the conference that would do me much good, so I spent my time wisely. I sat there at the lunch table, whipped out the laptop and started to catch up on work email. Two hours later I had made a pretty good dent in it. Usually my coworkers can tell when I do this because I send a “blast” of email messages to respond to those that had been stacking up.

A Few More Macworld Photos

Getting sick of it yet? Not me. Still having a great time here. I’m looking forward to seeing Leo Laporte and Alex Lindsay this afternoon. In the meantime…The Eve Online booth on the show floor. I accidentally ran into the developers of the game. They promised me an account. How nice of them 🙂 (Don’t they promise an account for anyone who pays?)Great astronomy software to be had here. Neat telescope too.

Macworld Day 4

8:48am PDT: Here we are again at Moscone West. We wanted to stop and get some real breakfast this morning but that just didn’t pan out. We ended up with pastries and coffee again. We headed on in and camped out at the sofas in the lounge. In a few minutes I’ll be heading up to the Live with David Pogue show on the third floor. 10:53am PDT: Live with David Pogue show was very entertaining.

Macworld Day 3

I wanted to sleep in a little bit as last night was a long one. We had plenty of work issues and the party on top of that; I was quite exhausted by the time my noggin touched the pillow. I think I was out before I even fully rested on said pillow. Sleeping in apparently wasn’t on the agenda for family and folks back home. Around 6am Pacific my Blackberry started ringing off the hook.

Macworld Day 2 Wrapup

So Macworld Day 2 was quite fun in oh so many ways. We started the day at 5am, making it into the Keynote line by 6am. That much you know. I’m putting the final polish on a video that documents our wait from a bit after we arrived to the time that we walked up to the exciting moment. I’ll be posting that today, bandwidth and battery life permitting. We went to various conferences through the day and also fought work issues at the same time.

Macworld: Day 2 Pictures (Part 1)

Here’s some pictures from this morning’s cattle herd, waiting to hear from his Jobness. We arrived in line at 6am Pacific on the nose. We end with entering the keynote auditorium at roughly 8:50am. I’ll post more pictures later, and I have a video of the line to pass along as well. Watch for more… but right now, I’m in a conference.