Ubuntu Announces Mobile Phone OS

Ubuntu has announced a mobile phone OS. It will demo at CES January 8-11. Looks pretty spiffy, but how will it play in this market? At least it’ll keep everyone honest. Ubuntu for phones.

Drobo Still Takes Forever to Rebuild?

I’m guessing from the amount of hits on the Drobo article from 2009 that people are still having problems with Drobos rebuilding the array in a decent amount of time. Ever since I got a DS4600 using standard RAID-5 I’ve been quite happy. Rebuild times on a 6TB volume are about 2.5 hours. Note: the volume is only about 1/3rd full, but it’s still way more data than what was on the Drobo in 2009.

Could a Bug be Deliberately Coded into an Open Source Project for Financial Gain?

For some bizarre reason, the thought at the top of my head last night at bedtime was… “I wonder if sometimes… open sourcedevelopers deliberately code bugs or withhold fixes for financial gain?” If you don’t follow what I mean, here’s where I was: often times, large corporationsor benefactors will offer a code fix bounty or developmental funding for an open source project they have come to rely upon. What if an open source developer were to deliberately code a bug into an open source project or withhold a fix so they might extract some financial support with this method?

A brand new NO CARRIER

For those of you who follow my adventures here, but not necessarily my adventures over there, you should be aware that we’ve posted NO CARRIER Episode #11. This episode is very special to my heart because it’s the first show we did in our new studio (Whitey is still over Skype though). I think the audio quality is MUCH better. Of course, we’ll be tweaking as things move on, but the new studio and the new processes we’re using to lay down the audio sound damn fine if I do say so myself.

My Ex Boss, the Linux Hero

Tony Maro, the CIO of Evrichart (and also my boss from my old job prior to NASA) was interviewed by ZDNet! Tony is an awesome, knowledgeable and forward-thinking guy. He’s way ahead of his time in terms of CIO leadership and the IT industry. He makes this look easy and roots his decisions in common sense, not marketingcrap. It’s served him and Evrichart well. Incidentally, we also interviewed Tony on NO CARRIER some time ago.

Industy buzzword that needs to die: the “experience”

<dd class="wp-caption-dd zemanta-img-attribution" style="font-size: 0.8em;"> Image by <a href="">Getty Images</a> via <a href="">Daylife</a> </dd> </dl> One of the industry buzzwords that needs to go to the grave is the user “experience.” Don’t quote me here, but I recall this buzzwordbeing developed by Microsoftas part of the marketing campaignbehind Windows XP. XP was supposed to be “experience” or “expert” or “XtrastuPid marketing,” I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an XP hater.

Where Powershell Fails

I’m all about negativity today. Sorry. Anyway, I’ve had something nagging at me for a while now and I think I’ve just figured it out. Powershellis Microsoft‘s answer to having a dumb commandline through the Win95 – Win2003 years and it’s quite powerful, as the name implies. Microsoft likes it so much that they makes most of the Exchange 2007administration efforts in the Exchange Management Shell, a derivative of Powershell that contains Exchange-specific cmdlets.

When source code attacks

#477454 – Insulting source code – Debian Bug report logs …ran across this bug filing in my morning travels. What a scream. I love it when nerds get personal and start using source codeto do battle. That’s one of my favorite parts of Linux– just think of all the copies of Debianfloating around out there that contains source code like this (Warning: salty, sailor-esque language, as if readers of this blog haven’t run across it before):

plasma and the screensaver « ChaniBlog

plasma and the screensaver « ChaniBlog So, while trolling the feeds and coming across Chani’s post about this screensaver… and what amounts to one of the stranger use cases I’ve seen in a while… there’s this discussion about some plans to integrate plasma widgets into kdescreensaver and whatnot. Yeah, she has a use case to justify this sort of functionality and it’s a little odd. All I have to say is that if I had friends who took it upon themselves to diddle with my laptop while I was away, I’m afraid homicide would be in order.

Browser share

Here’s a late night pondering for you as I traipse off to bed. Ask yourself: does the subject matter of a blog control what browser share you’re likely to experience on your site? Given the stats that I’m getting, I can say (without much of a doubt) that yes, that’s true… Eh. Just interesting is all. Once again, I’ve stayed up far, far too late. Someone shoot me so I can get some sleep, please?