Hooray for US Immigration

Way to go you idiot bastards: Man whose US immigration notice was sent to the wrong address is detained with untreated spinal cancer until he dies, denied access to his wife and children: “A Hong Kong computer programmer who had legally resided in the US for 15 years (since he was 17) and fathered two American children went for his final green card interview and was locked up, detained until he died of cancer that the DHS refused to treat him for.

Unwitting woman votes, faces deportation –

Unwitting woman votes, faces deportation – There’s an awful lot of injustice in this article, so please do not read it if you’re in a rotten mood. Having married a foreigner, I’ve learned a lot about the immigration laws of this country and I can totally see how this happened. The immigration laws are full of heartbreaking stories like this with little remedy to get it straightened out. I’m against the legislation that many people are trying to put through that gives all illegal immigrants a shot at becoming citizens – that’s just uncalled for.