2013 is here

2013 is a mere 13 minutes away. I am sitting on my couch in the house we built in 2012, polishing off a second glass of @diosatequila cafe caramel flavor. I sense that this year will be a transition for many in the computing world. (Well, hell. When is it not?) I don’t have many resolutions, except that I want to get more of my creative self back out there in the world.

First Video Podcast Released Today

Today I had the honor of putting together the first “real” video podcastfor The DVD Marquee, a DVD/movie podcast site run by Jeffrey Rosado. Those of you who know me very well know that I’ve been dreaming of putting together a new mediacompany. Jeff, a longtime friend of mine, shares this dream. He had the notion to fire up a quick video podcast for the Oscarsthis year and, despite the extremely tight deadline, he managed to land equipment and a location.

25 Random Facts About Me

I don’t want this to sound too harsh, but sometimes I get tagged by these Internet memesand it just grates on my nerves until they’re raw. What I mean to say is, of course, I’m flattered that my friends thought about me enough to actually want to know random facts about me and include me in the meme. The problem is when I’m tagged with something like this, it lurks in my Inbox with a follow-up flag that waves at me every time I open my email.

A Visit to Mission Control

If you were subscribed to my Twitter feed, you would have known in near real time that today I had one seriously exciting treat. I managed to squeeze my way into a tour group being led by the incredible Jack Garmanhere at Johnson Space Center. Think I would turn down such a chance? Absolutely not. Not only is Jack Garman a wonderful friend and professional mentor to me… today I learned much, much more about him… and I’m in simple awe.

An Amazing Feat

You may or may not know this, but I’ve been in Denver for the past week for a conference for work. The conference has gone well and most of the participants have flown home. Originally I changed my flight because I thought that project management wanted to get together here on Friday to work on some issues, but that turned out to not be the case. I ended up with a free Friday.

We Got The Funk

It seems like every friend of mine that works in IT has entered a bit of a professional funk of late; mayhaps myself is included in that observation. There’s a whole lot of burnout going on out there and not much being done to combat it. Not withstanding the fact that IT is one of the hardest jobs on the planet (that is, if you have a family and/or a social life), for some people it can be pretty damn thankless at that.

A Podcast Debut

This morning I was informed that the podcast roundtable was posted. I participated in this roundtable last week. Our discussion went on for a good hour and twenty minutes or so, but Jeff managed to whittle it all down to 23 minutes. I’m not sure how he managed that, but I’m looking forward to hearing it. Just in case you’re curious, hit the podcast here. In case you’re wondering, it’s an Oscars roundup.

^dRkRaVN has kicked you from #alabama

Ah, that line. What sweet memories it brings back. ^dRkRaVN was our eggdrop bot on the EFNet channel #alabama back in the late 80’s, early 90’s. I think I have the timeline right. Anyway, we ruled that channel with an iron fist, one that you often found crammed up your virtual backside if you didn’t fit into our clique’. Our clique’ was mean, evil and downright hilarious. The hours upon hours of endless fun with people I would meet later in life helped me get through one of the worst times of my life.

It’s in the Cooker

This new thing I’ve been cooking up here lately is starting to get some “rah rah!” momentum, methinks. I had a nice three hour meeting with an old coworker from the station who, after talking through all of the ideas, seems very much behind it. Earlier today I had an awesome meal with Vo0 and Whitey the Yak Shaver, there were some funny ideas brewing behind that one as well.

Back to Cali

Up early for another one of those first-planes-to-Atlanta things so I can head west for the week. This trip includes a visit with Apple, so I’m excited. Also, plenty of chances to see Creth and company, mucho happy about that as well.