2013 is here

2013 is a mere 13 minutes away. I am sitting on my couch in the house we built in 2012, polishing off a second glass of @diosatequila cafe caramel flavor. I sense that this year will be a transition for many in the computing world. (Well, hell. When is it not?) I don’t have many resolutions, except that I want to get more of my creative self back out there in the world.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

It’s 2011. It’s probably time for some New Year’s Resolutions, so here’s the obligatory post. First, let me speak a bit about 2010. 2010 was an interesting year. I label it a year of transition because there was quite a bit of that. If 2010 had an overall theme, it was definitely “transition.” I transitioned in many areas: Professionally, in deciding that if I had my way about it, I’ll never work with Windows again.

A Mind Blowing Gift

Words cannot express the birthday present I was given today. I have a dual trip to Californiacoming up in June – first to CalConnectto represent NASAon the standards body board there in Redwood Shores, then WWDC2009. I combined both trips into one, which left me with an empty weekend. My wife chose to fill it. I suppose to she was tipped off by my exploration into the idea of driving out to Las Vegasfor the weekend.

Bun’s Bedtime Story

I’ve pretty much posted this everywhere I have a presence, but that’s because I’m just plain seriously proud. My son has written his first story. He wanted to share it with everyone on the video camera, so here away we went. I think my son may have a future in vlogging. This is the same video that is posted on the family site and podcast,

Back in the Saddle

What a wily month. Not only did I have a new baby girl… I quit my job, signed on for a new job, got coaxed back to the old job, started the old job again and completely fell off the wagon with the gym. Now here it is a month later and I’ve been working from home when I’ve not been playing Mr. Mom and I’m about to go back to the office for the first time since all of the drama.

Where has Verm been?

It’s been quiet around here lately and I have a good excuse. I procreated. Again. I’ve also taken the month of October off from work – well, all of it except for the last week. There’s more to come on that though. So anyway, yeah, I’m still alive, but we’re in newborn baby bliss right now. Shh. Don’t wake her.

Thoughts from Texas

Howdy from Dallas, Texas, where a new chapter of my life could be opening up. I’m not sure why or how, but it could happen. I am nervous but then I am not. If the interviews are all about how I function under pressure, that’s fine I guess. We shall see. Should I keep you up to date with how the interview goes tomorrow? Sleep now. Study in the morning.