Exercise Log

An Update on Physical Health

It has been a long time since I took a few moments to update the notes on my physical health. A few years ago I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and put on a CPAP machine. The doctor thinks it’s because I am fat. That is probably true. The CPAP is meant to be a stopgap until I can get my weight problem under control. The CPAP has been a godsend to my quality of life.

That hurt

I really, really fell off the wagonyesterday. I put away about 3,200 caloriesin one day. That’s twice what I should eatin one day (target is 1,800 calories). It’s okie to do it every now and then, right?

An Amazing Feat

You may or may not know this, but I’ve been in Denver for the past week for a conference for work. The conference has gone well and most of the participants have flown home. Originally I changed my flight because I thought that project management wanted to get together here on Friday to work on some issues, but that turned out to not be the case. I ended up with a free Friday.

Feeling better

The first month or so of working out in the gym has come and gone and… wow… I do wish I had started this sooner. I feel so much better and have actually lost 14 pounds… that is, until last night, where I put away 2 breadsticks, 2 servings of salad and a Tour of Italy. 1,500 or so calories later and I’m feelin’ the guilt. I wanted to recommend some software out there (Mac or Windows) for people who are also going thru this struggle.

Mysterious blood pressure

Today was “officially” day two of the gym and the workout was even tougher this time around. I had a full 4 days away from the gym. 3 of them were from the family reunion, 1 of them was because a work issue ended up taking over the whole time slot. I got to it today and man was it painful. The blood pressure was down to 154/106. This blood pressure thing is mysterious to me.

An active weekend

I did a lot of walking and exercising this past weekend. Lots. I walked for about 45 minutes yesterday, but that doesn’t include the walking during grocery shopping, etc. Saturday: Time: 26:46 Calories eaten: 216 Method: XLGlider

The virtual run for today

Time: 23:34 Calories decimated: 190.8 Method: XLGlider I should also point out that during teleconferences today, I walked around my desk and lifted the dumbells about 100 times to keep moving. It’s catching up to me though.