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Jersey Shore shark attacks that inspired Jaws

Jersey Shore shark attacks that inspired Jaws:  On the Jersey Shore during the summer of 1916, four people were killed and one injured by what was likely a single great white shark. The attacks and panic that ensued in the seaside towns inspired Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws which, of course, Steven Spielberg brought to the big screen. Since then, great whites, whose populations have been dangerously declining, have sadly become icons of oceanic evil.

Whom I Wish to Meet

I probably should edit the previous entry to post this tidbit of info, but I’m too lazy. One thing I wish I could do when I’m in San Francisco is to meet this woman. I’d absolutely love to meet her in person and talk with her to find out how she shoots the pictures she posts on Flickr. I’ve been subscribed to her feed for some time now and just love her work.