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Exploring the Japanese Night

<dd class="wp-caption-dd zemanta-img-attribution" style="font-size: 0.8em;"> Image by <a href="">Getty Images</a> via <a href="">Daylife</a> </dd> </dl> I love to travel, especially to points in Asia. I have a mental list of places in Asia that I intendto visit somehow, sometime in my life. Japan and points within is high on that list. One of my favorite parts of the web is being able to enjoy the work of others as they chronicle what their lands look like.

Jin and Sun as Figures of Tragedy

I feel like I can always count on episodes of Lost that are centered on Jin and Sun to bring tears to my eyes. There’s a subtle, consistent thread that exists about these two; they are figures of traditional tragedy, especially tonight. Okie, that’s all I’ll say plot-wise, because I know some of you may have DVR’d it. I’ll try to express this without giving it away. The story of Jin and Sun has an inherent overtone of tragedy.

Anxiously awaiting next January

Because 01/18/08 can’t come soon enough…Tonight’s bachelor movie was straight out of Korea. It’s a mutant monster movie by the name of _The Host._It started off promising – with a really fun attack scene on the banks of the Han River in Seoul. Plenty of mayhem and crowd panic scenes. Obviously most of the budget was spent on that sequence because the remaining 1 hour and 40 minutes of the film didn’t do much for me.

Asians still keep the cool stuff

A mall in Beijing has installed a technological wonder. It’s basically the ceiling of a covered walkway. The difference is that the walkway is covered with 5 LCD screens working together to provide a video experience unlike anything you’ll ever see. Currently, it’s running animations that simulate an aquarium. In this video, it’s as though you’re a scuba diver caught in a flock of sharks, looking up into the glowing heavens.

Asian Albums moved

Please note that the Asia Albums site URL has changed. If you’re getting RSS from there, please check your links. You can get to the new album here.

History continues to be erased in Taiwan

Taipei Times – archives National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall President Chen Sui Bian continues his assault on Taiwan’s history as Chaing Kai Shek Memorial Hall is renamed to the National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall. Not only does it dishonor the history (those who forget history are doomed to repeat it) – I’d imagine the new name will further the flames with mainland China since it contains the word “Democracy.” Maybe not – I often find myself misunderstanding much of this issue, as many Americans do.

Taiwan loses historical site

Today my sister-in-law called us to say hi as usual. She spoke to her sister for a while, then my wife turned to me and informed me that Chaing Kai Shek’s summer home on Yang Ming Mountain was burned to the ground last night. Taiwan’s president Chen Shui Bian has been engaged in a campaign to erase an important piece of Taiwan’s history from modern day life. I do not dare to try to educate anyone on any of this, except to say that Chaing Kai Shek is pretty much the founder of the Taiwan we have today.