Safari Third Party Cookies in Catalina

My series on whining about macOS Catalina continues today as I tried to use AWS Cloud9 in Safari. It doesn’t work. You have to enable third-party cookies to make it work. Apple has apparently removed the ability to re-enable third party cookies in Safari 13.

Want to use it on iPadOS? Nope. Can’t enable third party cookies in iPadOS on Safari or Chrome. No more Cloud9 for me. Just deleted the environment.

Update: 2020-01-10

As of iOS 13.3, it seems like this is fixed. I’m not sure if they fixed it in iOS or in Cloud9. But it seems to be better. Still, Safari just isn’t the best to use in some situations and you’ll just have to keep a third party browser around. I switched my alternate browser to Firefox after Google Chrome put me through so much grief on Catalina.